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B.S. Science and Technology & Molecular Biology-Biotechnology, 2012, Kean University
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Rebeca grew up in Hillside, New Jersey and went to Kean University for a B.S. Science & Technology / Molecular Biology-Biotechnology with a minor in Chemistry.  Rebeca’s undergraduate research focused mainly on the detection of small molecules in the environment using Liquid Chromatography- Mass spectrometry (LC-MS) under the supervision of Dr. Dil Ramanathan.  One of the highlights of her undergraduate career was being a symposium speaker at the 2011 Pittcon conference for her research involving the detection of pharmaceuticals as pollutants in water using high resolution mass spectrometry.

Rebeca is currently a third year in the analytical division and has recently has joined the Burstyn group.  As an analytical chemist Rebeca is interested in developing and implementing MS based techniques in order to gain insight to the exact structure of CooA and other proteins.

When outside of lab, Rebeca can be found either at the roller rink playing roller derby or at home experimenting with a new recipe.  Rebeca also enjoys theatre, dancing and can be regularly found in and out of the lab humming to the song that has popped into her head.

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