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B.S. Chemistry, 2009, Harvey Mudd College
Study Abroad, 2007, Trinity College, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
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Judy grew up in Cerritos, California and went to college in nearby Claremont. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Harvey Mudd College in May 2009. While at Harvey Mudd she conducted research with Professors Karukstis and Van Hecke on the phase behavior of n-Octyl-β-glucopyranoside in water using both spectroscopic and microscopic techniques. This effort was part of an ongoing study of how the molecular self-assemblies of a set of structurally- and chemically-related surfactants change due to small changes in molecular geometry. She also investigated how a variety of common metal cations affected the phase behavior of n-Octyl-β-glucoside in water using polarized light microscopy. Judy also had the incredible opportunity to study abroad for two semesters at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland during junior year of her undergraduate course.  Her family now lives in Pueblo, Colorado and Judy has found, much to her surprise, that she enjoys living in the "wilds" of the Rockies to her native LA.


As a physical chemist, Judy investigates the thermodynamics of allosteric control of the CooA transcription factor through a variety of techniques, including isothermal titration calorimetry and fluorescnce anisoptropy. Judy also does a variety of inorganic spectroscopic techniques to explore the heme environment of soluble guanylyl cyclase (sGC) truncates and human cystathionine β sythase (hCBS) variants, including electron paramagnetic resonance, resoance Raman, and electronic absorption spectroscopies.
Outside of the chemistry department, Judy pursues film photogrpahy and tries daily to improve her culinary skills. In the Spring she is an avid urban gardener and a mediocre tennis player.  She likes tea, card games of all types and Agatha Christie novels.  Judy also loves zombie movies, the bloodier the better.
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